Surf Social Wave

Cascais Surf Employability Program aims to promote social inclusion and employability of people who are unemployed or looking for their first job. Surfing is the basic tool that, combined with others, supports participants in the design and implementation of their personal and professional path. The program takes place in Carcavelos and the participants have access to yoga and surf classes, individual and group coaching and training actions in different areas (economics, communication and marketing, active job search, management and planning, and entrepreneurship). In addition, it is also discussed the technical know-how and soft skills required to several work contexts in the surf industry.

SLX Benedita

The SLX – Skate Learn and Experience program aims to help students, in a school environment, to both value themselves as individuals and to develop interpersonal skills. In addition, while having skate at its core, the program provides work tools in different areas, such as: arts, construction, sports and multimedia.

Although it is an individual sport, skateboarding contributes deeply to the development of social and creative skills and to enhance resilience and determination. Driven by its irreverent side, the modality is also a great vehicle of influence for younger people, and its values and teachings contribute significantly to build a more inclusive and creative society.