February 2, 2023

Net-zero Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong

After assessing the environmental footprint of the event, during the first year of Perfect Chapter + Sustainability, it is now time to act by investing in a project carefully selected to compensate the carbon emissions of the 9th edition of Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong.

Aiming to be a carbon neutral event, the organisation of this edition worked to mitigate the use of emitted carbon and to compensate the remaining emissions by investing in the Castañeros project. Its social and environmental impact results into: 321 million trees protected from deforestation; research programs to evaluate flora and fauna; 405 local families benefited; sustainable cultivation and forestry initiatives; training in fire management and forestry; and supply of machinery, technology, and equipment to contribute to the regeneration and protection of plant and animal species.

As a partner, we are proudly supporting this initiative towards a net-zero surfing event.