June 13, 2023

In fact we are all equal

Since the beginning, Ericeira Surf & Skate has been actively supporting social projects that understand surfing as a vehicle for a more inclusive society, such as Wave by Wave.

This project is based on surf therapy, a methodology that uses surfing and the contact with the ocean to develop new competencies, such as emotional regulation capacity and progressive social inclusion.

For Martim, one of the young kids enrolled in the program, the ocean became a space of expression, freedom and autonomy. However, the experience of putting on and taking off the wetsuit was challenging due to his unique characteristics. Together, we realized that through Mr. Stitch, Despomar’s repair service, it would be possible to adapt Martim’s wetsuit to his reality and make this experience more accessible.

One of the pillars of Wave by Wave is – in fact we are all equal, and this collaboration represents a big step towards the promotion of surfing as a space of inclusion and diversity.