March 14, 2023

The World is Taken

This new collection embodies the global spirit of Taken and showcases its commitment to diversity and sustainability.

The collection is designed with a dual-gender approach, offering versatile and comfortable pieces that everyone can wear, regardless of gender. In addition, the design details are carefully aligned with circular economy principles.

Transparency and fairness are at the brand’s core and this collection is no exception. The materials used are ethically sourced, and the production process is transparent, ensuring that every piece is made with care and respect for people and the planet.

In summary, the new collection from Taken celebrates the world and all the diverse cultures and individuals it holds. With its use of color, design details, and dual-gender approach, the collection offers pieces that reflect the individuality and creativity of the wearer. Transparency and fairness are at the brand’s core, and the community is at the heart of everything Taken does.

The world is taken and Taken is here to celebrate it.